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Curly’s Kindling
is simply the best way to get your fire going.

Made from the mill endings of kiln-dried pine, these kindling pieces catch alight with a minimum of fuss. They are clean to handle, come in convenient bags, and are, of course, made from untreated pine.

Curly’s Kindling
is ideal for:

  • Wood stoves
  • Pit barbecues
  • B & B hosts

Curly’s Kindling Supply

Available in lightweight bags which can be purchased directly at Penrose, just south of Bundanoon in the Southern Highlands (by appointment please) or delivered (Minimum orders and delivery fees apply).

Contact Curly and Margie Charlwood by phone 02 4884 4115 or email or inst

Curly’s Kindling Process

Curly recognised that the offcuts from the local Penrose Pine Mill were a useful resource going to waste. Discussing it with Margie together they came up with the idea of splitting the pieces and making useful kindling from them.

At the mill the pine logs are sawn and then processed by kiln drying. Before they are treated with preservative they are docked to standard lengths. This generates the short offcuts that Curly collects in his truck.

Initially they chopped them by hand with a tomahawk but as demand grew they opted for an hydraulic splitter to produce the convenient sized kindling chips.

The kindling is bagged to make handling convenient for customers.