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Highlands Forge

is the name Curly gives to his ironmongering business. As a blacksmith of many years standing Curly is a living historic treasure. His knowledge of heating and shaping iron and steel using the old-style forge make him popular at overseas conventions of the traditional metalworking fraternity. Curly was very much in demand locally as a farrier until he decided to pursue more artistic endeavours.

As well as the old methods Curly is at home using modern welding and laser technologies.

Highlands Forge

  • produces a range of garden ornaments as shown by the pictures
  • designs and constructs special orders eg the love arbour
  • provides blacksmithing demonstrations for country shows and fairs

See for Yourself
We can be found displaying a range of wares at the Bowral Public School Market on the second Saturday of each month.

Contact Curly or Margie Charlwood by phone 02 4884 4115 or email or inst