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Horse Bedding

When you want a quality supply of bedding for your stable Curly's Compost has the ideal material. Pine sawdust that is fresh and carefully selected from the Penrose Pine Mill. Newly cut pine arrives at the mill and is sawn to standard sizes before any preservative treatment so the bedding has the clean antiseptic smell of a pine forest and definitely no additives at all.

As a bedding material it is remarkably absorbent so doesn't become stale too quickly and is quite easy to muck out. The resultant stable mulch can be easily composted on site.

(Note that the bedding offered is not the inferior shavings which are often used for calving yards and such.)

How much do I need?

RIng through the dimensions of the stall(s) and Curly can soon calculate the amount needed. To keep the delivery costs down there is a minimum load size of 5 cubic metres.

Why choose us?

Both Margie and Curly come from horsey backgrounds and have a real appreciation of what they need. Margie since she was a wee tot has owned, ridden, competed and loved horses. Her 25 years as a vet nurse began with equine specialising. Curly has been a well respected farrier in the district for 40 years. The hooves of the famous Carlton Brewery draught horses were his responsibility for many years.

What will it cost?

The cost will depend on your particular requirements - the amount and the transport distance - so you'll need to ring for a quote.

Contact Curly or Margie Charlwood by phone 02 4884 4115 or email or inst